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17/03/2014 07:00 | By David Nield, contributor, MSN Innovation
Is this the funky future of product packaging?

Eat And Go

Eat And Go (© Frutodashiki)
  • Coca Cola Le Parfum (© Wonchan Lee)
  • Juicy Juice (© Preston Grubbs)
  • Standard Dress Shirt (© Joanna Milewski)
  • Eat And Go (© Frutodashiki)
  • Hexagonal Honey (© Maksim Arbuzov)
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If you've ever struggled with a 6-inch Subway sandwich you'll know there's room for improvement when it comes to fast food packaging, and that's exactly where these new concept ideas from the Frutodashiki design team come in. Aimed specifically at students, the flexible wraps can shrink as you eat your sandwich, staying out of the way but keeping your hands clean. When you've finished, the Eat & Go can be put in a pocket and used again.

There's also a soup version with a sealable lid that lets you drink some of your meal right away and some of it later. Like the sandwich wrapper, the accordion/bellows-style design means you can shrink the container, making it much more convenient to carry around after you've finished eating than a full-sized Thermos.

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